It’s been a long journey to get to where I am now with my business - and it’s taken a lot of blood, sweat, squats and tears - from me, and from my children! At the end of the day my number one goal as the voice behind the brand was to be inspiring, a mentor, supportive and holistic. So, with the refresh and relaunch (I suppose it basically is like a mini-relaunch?) of Aktivaal, I thought it best to reintroduce myself - as painful as that process can be (for me - hopefully not for you)! 

As always, I’m an open book.

My background, my family and my journey to Aktivaal...

I’m not actually sure how I got here. It’s something I never planned or thought too much about. My husband and I have always just lent into decisions and gone with what feels right at the time. We’re both very relaxed people and on reflection, where we’ve ended up doesn’t surprise me in the least. I’ve never been one to shy away from hard work and I think that’s why I have no doubt Aktivaal will be a success. 

Having four young children and a fifth (being the business!) is challenging but I love the balancing act - although if I’m being real, they’ll never be “balanced”. I am conscious that in today’s society, we do align busy-ness with success and I like to check in with myself to make sure that’s not my perception. I’m honestly just trying to make the most of my time here and create a lifetime of memories.

Business-running from the perspective of a busy mother...

I think no matter what your circumstances are, 0 kids, 3 kids, 7 kids. We’ve all got 24 hours. We all fill those 24 hours. So I’m no different to anyone else. I just like to tell the story of how I fill my 24 hours. It’s a little different. But no different if that makes sense. 

A “day in the life” for me looks like...

I’m always the first one awake, which I love. I love to have my coffee in the quiet and watch the sun come up (you’re regularly see sunrise Insta stories). Sometimes I’ll work, reset the house, exercise, or sit there and just be. It starts to get a bit crazy when all the kids are up and there are 4 different breakfasts to make. Somehow we make it out the door and I do my 40 minute drive into town for school drop offs. Currently I’m working in town to cut down the amount of driving, but I do spend 1 to 2 days at home. These days can range from herding cattle into new paddocks, cleaning the chicken hutches of hundreds of eggs, dealing with renovations, exercising, blowing bubbles, making baby food or catching up with friends. Safe to say, no day is ever the same.

My go-to nutritious weeknight meals that are kid friendly (even when I’m feeling less than enthusiastic!)

Oh we have lots of these! So, I make a “rainbow dinner”. It’s their favourite and they beg me for it. It’s basically whatever I have left in my fridge and pantry chopped up and put on a plate. They have no idea how healthy it is and they get to sit at a little table together and pick at it all night. It’s so easy!!!


Business vs. fitness vs. pleasure - how I manage balance between the three...

It changes every week actually. For me, each week I know what the focus is going to be based on how I’m feeling and what’s going on with the kids and work. For example, last week was definitely “pleasure”. This week is catching up on business, but next week I know it will be fitness. This way of thinking works for me and my lifestyle. Some people like to balance those 3 each and every day but that doesn’t work for me in the season I’m in. That will change as the kids get older and the business becomes more mature (I hope!).

My no. 1 indulgence...

I’ve just recently discovered the Mezcal Paloma! I’m not even sure what was in it but it’s so good!

Trying to be a role-model for my kids is so important - I focus on teaching them about health, balance and life...

It’s really important for Ryan and I to show them what a good work ethic looks like. Because I don’t like to work when they’re around, they know what I do and where I go when I drop them off. It’s the same when it comes to exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I love to exercise while they’re not there as “me time” but I like exercising in front of them as well so they’re aware that it’s a part of life.  In saying all this, I also want to show them how mummy relaxes and takes time for herself. It’s ok to sit still and do nothing. I’m still learning how to do that myself.

What I’ve learned about life from motherhood...

Being a mum has taught me to be patient… and then be patient some more. Oh, and then add more patience! I’ve also got a really good poker face. People often comment about how relaxed and chilled I am. That’s my poker face. When the girls are running around the shops, Beau is opening the packet of raspberries and Asher is crying cos he’s scared (classic COVID baby), I look like I’m coooool as a cucumber. I repeat: poker face.

I also think being a mum has taught me to not sweat the small stuff and focus on the big stuff. I’ve always done that, but it’s taken it all to a whole new level.

My tips for motivating yourself to make positive change...

The best advice I was given was to set your intentions at the beginning of the week and make changes in bite size pieces. The goal is to not to become too overwhelmed and for the change to be achievable. Also, actually check in with yourself and be realistic. What makes you happy? What makes your body vibrate at that higher frequency? If you’re happy, it will be easier to lean into making positive changes.

My top 2 fitness must haves for an at home workout...

Ah finally an easy one!!! A pretty fitness mat and a pretty Swiss ball - definitely my 2 must haves. 

Advice on getting back into fitness as a mum...

Be organised. Think about what essentials you like to use and what will help motivate you. Set aside some time and don’t be hard on yourself if life gets in the way. There’s always tomorrow. Try and do your fitness before 3pm because by 3 you’ll be too tired.


Loved you enthusiasm and openness. Thank you for sharing it with us all you gorgeous girl x

Betty October 22, 2021

You inspire me!

One of your posts that really stuck with me was trading in a coffee for some exercise. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an easy trade! I liked the idea that my morning coffee ritual could be swapped up with some morning exercise. Feel an energy boost in another way. Mums need to start small x

Fran October 22, 2021

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