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Our Story

The Brand

Aktivaal is an online fitness destination that offers a collection of beautifully curated essentials to get you started and keep you motivated throughout your fitness journey. An extension of founder and creator, Lindy Sorensen’s love of fitness and born out of the need for a retailer that simplifies fitness, providing the staples needed to make a start and maintain a healthy lifestyle at home, whatever your fitness level or schedule.

The Aktivaal collection is made up of a series of boxes, all thoughtfully put together to include the essential equipment needed to cover a range of activities – from yoga to running, swimming, postnatal and kid’s fitness – our collection has something for everyone.

About The Founder

From small town beginnings in Queensland Australia, founder and creator of Aktivaal, Lindy Sorensen was always the sporty type. When it came to after school sport, Lindy pushed her mum’s policy of “if you can fit it in, you can do it” to the limit by enrolling herself in ballet, touch football, athletics and cross country, tap dancing, golf, tennis, netball, pottery, and acting classes (just to name a few). Right from the get-go, she loved being busy, loved being active and to feel apart of a community.

Fast forward a few years and a Business Degree under her belt, Lindy still craved for her life to involve health and fitness. After 10 years of working in the Sydney corporate jungle, Lindy decided to put it all on black, leave her job and study personal training and went onto become a successful outdoor fitness trainer which she adored. Lindy then fell pregnant (with the most horrendous morning sickness!) which made her reassess her priorities and take some much needed time out to raise her two beautiful girls.

Always busy and energetic, it wasn’t until she became a mum that she found it harder to make time to workout and stay motivated. The busy mum began exploring ways to get back into a fitness routine and maintain a level of fitness she was happy with. Lindy gave yoga a try but feelings of anxiety about going to an actual class kept creeping into her mind and the thought of being the amateur who didn’t know what the hell she was doing was just too daunting, “I thought, if I’m struggling with confidence and motivation, maybe others are too.” That feeling of overwhelmingness was the lightbulb moment that prompted Lindy to create an online fitness destination for people just like her, who needed help and encouragement when it came to taking the first step in getting into or stepping up their fitness regime, and thus Aktivaal was born.