At home workouts made easy

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ll know that I finally received clearance from my obstetrician to begin exercise again. Unfortunately due to some complications I wasn’t able to exercise throughout my pregnancy this time which I found really hard.

But I’m back and it felt so good! However, trying to fit in exercise around my busy lifestyle is not going to be easy. I have 3 young children, a business and we have 40 head of cattle living on 100 acres 30 minutes from town.

The only way I’m going to be able to achieve my fitness goals is by doing at-home workouts (using an Aktivaal fitness box of course!). And even I as a personal trainer some times find it hard to come up with exercises to do. So I thought I’d pull together some of my favourite apps that I’ve used in the past that might help inspire you too. Let me know how you go!

1. Sworkit

Not sure where to start? Sworkit combines just about everything that we love about the apps on this list into the one fitness companion. This app features over 100 guided workouts for all abilities and fitness goals, allowing you to get “leaner,” “fitter,” or “stronger,” - or all of the above. Sworkit includes weighted exercises, cardio, guided stretching and even yoga, so you can choose a workout depending on what you feel like on the day.

2. Yoga Studio: Mind and Body

Featuring guided yoga practises that flow just as a yoga class would, Yoga Studio: Mind and Body provides you with the guidance you need to learn poses and transitions properly, in your own time. The app categorises yoga classes into levels of difficulty and class length as well as the area you might wish to focus on- be that a specific part of the body or even a class targeted towards relaxation. One of the things that sets this Yoga app apart is its emphasis on meditation and mindfulness- this isn’t just about a physical workout, it’s about the health of your mind too.

We love yoga as it really does provide many incredible benefits for the mind as well as the body.

3. Strava

If cycling and getting some fresh air is your preferred way of staying active, opt for the Strava app. Strava works for runners too, as you can use the app to plan and track your ride or run on an interactive map as well as monitoring your performance over time. You can also use the app to share workouts with your friends and family, making it perfect for those who love to run or cycle socially. One of the things we really love about Strava is that it encourages you to get outdoors. If your aversion to the gym comes down to a disliking of the overall gym environment, then a workout in and amongst nature really is the perfect antidote.

4. Studio

If running is your release, try the Studio app. Touted as the world’s number 1 treadmill app, Studio can be used on a treadmill at home for those who want convenience and flexibility from their fitness routine, outdoors for those who prefer to take their workout to the streets, or even in the gym if you do decide to head in for a workout. Your runs will be guided by internationally recognised trainers and running coaches, so this app essentially turns your mobile into a personal trainer.

5. Pure Barre on Demand

Barre classes combine the principles of ballet and pilates, working to strengthen the core, sculpt long, lean limbs and improve your posture. The Pure Barre on Demand app allows you to take barre fitness classes in the comfort of your own home with ballet based workouts to tone and condition the body. You don’t physically need access to a ballet barre to complete these workouts either. You’re given the option to use the back of a steady chair, the kitchen bench or anything around the home that offers you adequate support.

6. PIIT Pocket

Created by Cassey Ho, the woman behind Blogilates, PIIT Pocket combines pilates principles with high intensity interval training for workouts that target every part of the body. This is great for anyone new to high intensity workouts.

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