Thank you so much for stopping by. I'm so happy for you in making the first step in making time for yourself (or maybe someone else!). You really are doing the right thing. 

You've maybe heard of Aktivaal before, but if not maybe I can explain a little bit more to you. 

Aktivaal is an online fitness store that has a selection of beautifully curated essentials to get you started. It's hard to get motivated sometimes but this gorgeous box is a special gift that hopefully inspires you or someone you love.

Aktivaal was actually started after I had my second child, Amaya. I was a Personal Trainer and still found it still so difficult to fit exercise into my day. If I had everything I needed to get me started and motivated, the journey back to myself would have been more smoother.

Let's talk about you

about 2

Let's be honest. I really want you to find your way back to you right now. I want you to put some time aside just for you. Start with 20 minutes. That's all you need and before you know it, you'll create a habit; a ritual that's just for you. You're so very special and deserve this.

Be gentle. Be kind. 

Lindy x